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          A good name is worth its weight in gold

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The future lies in brief, strategic expressions

The name of your company or your product is the initial and key element that communicates and tells the market something about personality, values and culture. A strong name is an invaluable asset to any company. Countless names have already been registered. Finding a new, strong name takes considerable creative and legal skills.

The future holds smaller and smaller pockets for the exposure of commercial messages. The name must carry the story of the company/product/service, as much as possible. However, most names need a little help. We develop good names that may be legally protected, and we build and develop them further with elements such as logo design, icons and tag lines.

Brief expressions can be strong weapons. The bullets of such a weapon may convey values as well as stories. The end purpose is to clearly position the company, product or service in today's maze of noisy messages.

Products are more and more alike. The competition of the future no longer takes place between different products and services. The competition takes place between the values built into names. Many names are worth much more than the product itself. It pays to develop a better product, and it pays to develop a stronger name.

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